Bible Black

Bible Black Hentai Anime
This is the Cover of Bible Black Game

Bible Black is one of the most popular Hentai series. Its old but still one cool story line. Bit creepy in my opinion but again if you are an Japanese Hentai fan then this can’t be something new.

Story is about normal Japanese High school which carries a dark secret. Teachers are practicing a dark magic art and students get entangled in those drama. Dark spells are used and people become lustful and go out of control even in public places.

This series has 8 seasons and you can buy the whole set from this link. Remember these are old videos so don’t expect HD quality. Also make sure to read customer reviews before deciding it’s better buying the whole set or each season separate. Buying the Complete set would surly save some bucks though.

I found the Original Bible Black Game CD on Amazon too. But I don’t think it’s worth buying since probbly it won’t work in latest operating systems above Windows XP.