Asa made Jugyou

Asa made Jugyou Anime

Asa made Jugyou is not a hardcore Hentai but if you love Hentai Manga or Ecchi Manga then you will enjoy this a lot. It’s English title name is See Me After Class. It’s not taken under Hentai because lack of real hardcore sexual encounters but it’s not a simple Ecchi Anime either. This series has plenty of erotic moments in every chapter which takes you to edge.

Apart from lack of true Hentai moments it’s way better than 95% of Hentai Manga or Anime out there. Graphics are very sexy and cute. All girls look seriously hot just as they should be in this kind of comic. Also the story is pretty cool unlike usual lame stuff Hentai Manga has.

It’s a Semi nude Manga. You get to see lots of breasts, panty shots and girls in many erotic poses but not full nude scenes. Among Ecchi Manga in market today this should be one of the best out there. It’s even better than Kissxsis when it comes to Ecchi moments (Maybe KissxSis fans not agree with read first few chapters of Asa Made Jugyou and figure) This is R rated Manga NOT X rated. So it’s an Ecchi Manga not Hentai.

Unfortunately an Anime is not yet released for this beautiful Ecchi Manga. But there is one Original video animation (OVA) available for this. Just a little reminder, It’s shipped from Japan and little expensive for a single OVA. But for some fans it’s something they must have in their collection.  🙂